Katarina Lundgren - Growth FacilitatorI work as a growth facilitator for humans. My preferred way of working, is together with horses, in nature.

I invite to experiential learning, trough exploring and experimenting. Working experientially helps with making the abstract and hard to verbalize (or otherwise communicate) more visible, tangible and therefor also workable.

Having horses present helps with the relational work (both for your own relationship with yourself, but also with others).

Working in nature and outdoors helps with embodiment and sensory work. But also helps with contextualizing and relating to “the world”.

Working like this, movement and motion naturally becomes part of what we do. And helps connecting mind and body.

I don’t follow a specific model or method. Much of what I do I have trialed out on myself, but also learned from adults, children, and horses that I have met through my, by now over fifteen years in working professionally with humans and horses in interaction with each other, where ten of those years has been in the field of equine assisted interventions.

I have taken a lot of different trainings, as well as myself been in equine assisted trauma therapy for almost 5 years, meaning I also have the client perspective in this work, that helps me a lot.

In January 2019 I gave my first education and training in how to work with Equines in Therapy and Learning programs. Since then, I have given more than 30 such educations and trainings (you can read more about this under the headline “Educator”).

I am a certified Mindfulness Instructor, A certified Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Instructor, a certified Dancing Mindfulness Instructor, a certified Growth facilitator with horses, a trained Equine Professional in Equine Assisted Interventions, a MA student in Cognitive Science, and so on. If you are interested in checking out my formal CV, you find it here: Formal CV

I facilitate growth for individuals, couples, small groups, and bigger groups. I do it for private people and for organizations and corporations. I can also travel to do this.

Mostly, I offer sessions in:

  • Trauma Sensitive Equine Assisted Mindfulness (TS-EAM), a 10-step program I have developed. You can book sessions of 3 hours, the 2,5-day TS-EAM Workshop (usually we run it Friday evening to Sunday afternoon), or a TS-EAM Retreat (same length). You can read more about TS-EAM here: What is Trauma Sensitive Equine Assisted Mindfulness (TS-EAM)?
  • Equine Assisted Learning. I still use some part of mindfulness in this, but it has a stronger focus on personal development.
  • Supervision, for anyone working in the field of equine assisted interventions. In person, with or without horses, or over zoom.

Contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to book me, host me, or have questions.