Katarina Lundgren - EducatorI have by chance ended up as a teacher/educator many times in my life. Or maybe not by chance? Because I am attracted to sharing knowledge and facilitating learning and growth? Maybe it is not a coincidence. I like being an educator. I love being present for other beings learning journey. And I do think there is a lot to educate a well as learn about! I say that as a lifelong student and learner myself.

So, what do I educate about?

Equines in Therapy and Learning Programs

I educate and teach about how to become, or how to become a better facilitator in equine assisted interventions, through the foundation and NGO, MiMer Centre, that I founded in 2013 (it became a trust/foundation in 2017).

The education is called Equines in Therapy and Learning programs (EiT/L) and is a level 1-4 training. You can read more about it here: Equines in Therapy and Learning Programs

Equine Assisted Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness (TS-EAM)

TS-EAM is a 10-step program I have developed. It is based on David Treleaven’s ideas about Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM), experiential learning, equine assisted and nature-assisted (and based) interventions, expressive arts and a couple of other tools for growth, insight and learning.

I am currently developing an online + an in-person training for how to work with TS-EAM. Until that is ready to be launched, I am happy to come and give a bespoke training to you and your staff, at your facility.

Victim Focus

I am an accredited trainer from VictimFocus, UK, and I give their 4 basic trainings in:

  • Psychology of victim blaming, and self-blame of women and girls subjected to sexual violence
  • Critical Perspectives of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)
  • Understanding trauma informed practices and theory
  • Critical perspectives on Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) scores

Educations on Childhood Trauma, Dissociation and Neurodivergence

I also give bespoke trainings (or talks, lectures, seminars) on the topics of Childhood Trauma and Neglect, Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, Dissociation (including DID) and Neurodivergence, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders, and Suicidal Ideation/Suicide, based on my own experiences as well as my studies and trainings, and how I practically work with the consequences of these kinds of trauma, their psychological defenses and coping strategies, both for myself, as well as for others. I do not offer therapy, but other supportive interventions, and I educate aournd these topics.

Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to book me, host me, or have questions.